Thursday, January 23, 2003


To: The Rittenhouse Review
From: Dave Abston
Date: January 23, 2003

You were entirely too kind to wing-nut idiot Jay Caruso. (“Flippancy and Foot-in-Mouth,” January 21, 2003.)

Yes, it would be a shame if his nephew became a casualty of “President” Tipsy McStagger’s war for vengeance and oil, but, excuse me, just who exactly is it that’s walking around with a great big [vulgarity deleted] to go whomp Saddam’s ass? Am I wrong, or hasn’t Caruso for some time now been working himself up into a frothy lather over the prospect of sending 100,000 American troops, including his nephew, into harm’s way for reasons that no one but a bunch of right-wing ideologues can discern?

Just what does he think is going to happen over there, a big paintball contest? Or the sort of video game most wing-nut bloggers spend their days absorbed in?

Instead of apologizing for some perceived insult, perhaps you and everyone else should point out that people regularly get killed, injured, and suffer horribly in war, and that their families suffer as well.

If Caruso takes offense at having the obvious pointed out to him, tough [luck].

Dave Abston
Vallejo, Calif.